Club Activities

Sachin Tendulkar started playing cricket at the age of seven. Mozart started playing piano at the age of three. The earlier the children get an opportunity to identify and nurture their talents, the more they excel in it. The creative teams of Shemrock through the 11 hobby clubs continuously generate ideas that can unleash the innate talents of children.


The Gourmet Station ( Cookery )
The Troupe ( Modern Dance )
The artist’s Gallery ( Arts)

The Curio Club ( Craft)
The Rhythm Studio (Music )
The Phulkari Club ( Giddha )

Rangmanch (Theatre)
Table Tennis

Public Speaking

Generation Next ( Computers)
Desi Beats ( Bhangra )
Nrityanjali ( Classical Dance )

The Green Brigade ( Environment Awreness)
Cutting Edge ( Sceince Club )
Radio Jockey Club

Out of the Box
The Graphatic Club( Maths )
Horse Riding Club

Penner's Club(Literary Club)

Rotary Club



We have highly experienced and trained faculty

International Tieups

Our School has numerous international tieups for international level of education


We have special focus on sports for child's physical development

Extra Curricular

Our School focusses on education, sports and extra curricuilar activities for all round development