“Encourage and support your kids because children are apt to live upto what you believe of them.”
lady Bird Johnson

There’s so much that is said and done about being a good parent today, that any conversation around it has lent itself an overbearing name. With so much information out there, there are many dos and don’ts of being the 'right' kind of parent. But the real question is – what are we trying to achieve with our children? Ultimately, we want them to be happy, to be good human beings, and of course, have skills to excel in life.

As parents, we are often told all the ‘right’ things to say to our children. However, we at times forget that children develop personality traits by emulating our own behaviour. It is important from a young age to make them feel valued for their opinion, no matter how small the situation might be. Communication - one built on trust, respect, and tolerance is the way forward to build a relationship which evolves and adapts as children transition to adulthood. Just like there is no ‘one’ parenting style, there is also no ‘one’ perfect child. Every child is different, and unique in more way than one.

Many of us see our own reflection in our children. It is, however, essential not to confuse parenthood as an opportunity to push our own personal dreams. Every parenting way is the best one till it allows them to explore who they are and aim to be. There are times when as parents we always want to be there to guide our children. We must, however, prepare them to independently and consciously be aware of the right choices. The right environment will motivate every child to not only be the best version of themselves, but also the happiest one.



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