Education for Life

Shemrock imparts education to enable children not just to earn a livelihood but to succeed in life. Thi holistic approach is what we call 'Education for Life', which encompasses three important aspects - namely academics, life skills and talents. These are being taken care of by three team experts who have set their eyes on one goal - to shape dreams into reality.

SLS Makers (Shemrock Learning System)

The SLS is more than a vision for SHEMROCK. It is the framework for everything the school's culture, philosophy, infrastructure, curriculum, lesson plans, learning levels and curricular activities. It is designed to help every child realize her or his potential.

Life Makers (The Greatest Exam of all is called life)

Knowledge alone today cannot bring success to your child. To invest something new, one needs persistence and courage besides skills. To start a new venture, one needs to have leadership, communication skills and decision-making abilities, besides capital and to live a happy and fulfilling life, one needs social emotional, intellectual strength to stay positive druing trying times and shemrock does that.

Lifemakers, as the name suggests, aims to transform the lives of children. We prepare them for the real world, to value relationships in life, to see themselves as the torchbearers who raise humanity through inspiring projects and workshops like 'Being Courageous'.

'Raise the Nation', 'I care' and 'I am Unstoppable'. Children of Shemrock are experiencing a world like no other through such programmes.They become aware of their emotions, their responsibilities, their role as a human being, their aspirations and are evolving as well-balanced individuals.



We have highly experienced and trained faculty

International Tieups

Our School has numerous international tieups for international level of education


We have special focus on sports for child's physical development

Extra Curricular

Our School focusses on education, sports and extra curricuilar activities for all round development