Founder Principal Desk

Everyone talks of changing the world,but no one talks of changing oneself. All powers and abilities which never belonged to us, suddenly become alive when we say “I have to do it”. Develop this belief.

Children you have to change. Science believes only in aspects which can be measured; history and geography have finiteness. But what matters is psychology -your thinking. Please change positively for your and others betterment

So far as parents are concerned, I do feel and pretty much strongly, that parents must have an abiding interest; a passion for bringing up their children and would be hugely benefited if they read books, topical literature on this critical issue. After all we do learn about computers and about building houses from books so why not parenting? Such knowledge would enrich their interaction with school teachers and with their children and take the children forward in terms of receiving high quality, synergized knowledge.

I feel that falling prey to “tuitions” to enhance school learning and seeking more marks is really unnecessary. Teachers at school can help remove a student’s weakness and allow the hours saved to be spent in the students' all round development. My advice for students is also pragmatic. They must learn on their own after teachers at school have cleared their basic doubts. Students should therefore, instead of being overly dependent on support systems such as tuition and excessive parental oversight on their work, become capable of independent study.

I also feel that serious study of 3-4 hours after school is very much possible and is needed. This allows for games and other co-curricular activities and helps shape children as versatile students with all-round skill-sets. Not the least, there is a need for students to do wise study and establish a process for doing the same.




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