Principal’s Desk

I envisage Shemrock to be the fountainhead of meaningful education which strengthens the young mind with harmony and compassion. The vision of the institution permeates the workplace and is manifested in its actions, beliefs, values and goals. With a top-down attitude of respect and appreciation , Shemrock shares a dream and direction that all its stakeholders share and wish to follow.

Barack Obama, former U.S president had very rightly said, ”In a 21st century world where jobs can be shipped wherever there’s internet connection……a child born in Dallas is now competing with a child in New Delhi.” Therefore educational processes too demand a global perspective involving knowledge of world conditions, cross-cultural awareness and an insight of global dynamics. As educators, through multidimensional teaching , we prepare our children for life –the challenges it has to offer and empower them to inculcate the skill sets that would make them capable of carving their own niche in the vast world around them. The global education imparted at Shemrock endeavours to open up the heart and mind of the learner to the beauty of the commonalities and differences around them. Ultimately, global education would enable the learners to live and work harmoniously with people across the globe for common good and prosperity. As proud Indians and world class citizens, Shemrockites will be able to participate in shaping a better world.

To develop competencies amongst our studies we ensure that they remain intellectually competitive and develop a discerning mind. This is achieved through the development of skills such as critical thinking, complex problem solving abilities, collaboration, technological literacy and communication. We prepare students by creating learning experiences that are seamlessly interwoven into the educational fabric. This empowers students to draw upon various knowledge domains to find creative solutions to national and international issues.

A child’s inquisitive mind needs a right pair of nurturing hands to develop. The school as an entity directs all its endeavours in providing the optimum opportunities and environment for the child to acquire and improve the ability and zeal to learn. In this process we seek the constant collaboration and active participation of our parents as important stakeholders of the institution. Together we equip the Shemrockites with values and life skills to evolve as humane individuals, confident, empathetic and responsible leaders of tomorrow. Grooming children on all the planes of personality development, we strongly believe in the potential of our students.

Ms. Prineet Sohal



We have highly experienced and trained faculty

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Our School has numerous international tieups for international level of education


We have special focus on sports for child's physical development

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Our School focusses on education, sports and extra curricuilar activities for all round development